10 Critical Steps to
Overcome a Dysfunctional Past

14 Weeks of online content accessible 24-hours a day

14  Half-hour weekly coaching calls

COST:     $800

  • For those who feel out of sync with themselves and their lives.

  • Great for anyone who would like to be able to bounce back emotionally quickly and functionally and carry that ability to their lives and relationships.

  • For those who would like to continue to expand their awareness over their lifetime. This will give you the tools and the mindset to do so.

  • Useful for those who have a dysfunctional background and have tried therapy and even possibly medication but still want more help.


“As a therapist (LCSW), both for individuals and couples, I have found how powerful "my cup runneth over exercise" and "the love letter" are not just for myself but for my clients. I have even found myself asking clients more about what they learned from a situation. This course has allowed me to go deeper into my own emotions and enhance my practice as a clinician tremendously..... and of course has been a blessing in the way I approach my own marriage.” 
Suzanne Knapp 
LCSW, Bohemia NY


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