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Emotion-Based coaching is gentle, intuitive, empowering, supportive, authentic, healing and produces real and sustainable results.

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Healing means you look at all the relationships and situations from your past and bring them into equilibrium.

It is likely that some unconscious belief you hold is keeping you from attracting and creating the life you want.

YOU UNIVERSITY RESULT: All the pure thought and healing in the world is not going to change your life if you take no action or you act from fear or old beliefs. Trusting your intuition is a combination of trusting yourself and trusting the guidance that comes to you about what to do or where to go or how to act. 

What I have learned is now embedded in my inner conscious. Life happens and happens to you as it happens every day to me.

Every time that my inner critic show up, that I start being too hard on me, I’m able to catch the spiral and refocus my thoughts using one or more technique that I learned.
Knhur Carresquel, Engineer

I am in AWE. I feel a release and freedom that I have not felt in years. I am so grateful to the founder of this program to help me navigate learning how to be ME. Authentically, and wonderfully ME.

I am drawing new experiences and am excited about my future. Thank you.

Brenda Holder, Electrician


I have been able to dissolve all of the emotional baggage that I had been carrying round for years and which had been dragging me down, making me feel negative and causing much added stress because I didn’t know how to cope with it. I have had a spiritual awakening, that was truly awesome, I have been able to make amends to family with a major breakthrough in a shift of positive feelings towards my sister. Through experiencing the shift from my emotional baggage I am becoming much lighter in feeling and as well in weight as I have lost weight because of this happening to me. Overall I am much more at peace within. People have noticed my changes and that tells me that this program does indeed work if you put your mind to it and you know that you have done it all for you because YOU are the person that matters most. Lastly you chose to create the things in your life therefore you cannot blame anybody else 

Leeanne Crawford

I was lost in the swamp that was life. Old ghosts haunted me not only at night, but they would walk beside me. Sometimes they would be friendly, but mostly they reminded me of the past and that angered me. I fought them, and then they would laugh as they drained life and happiness from me till I was too weak to do anything else.  One day I found a sign. Synchronicity likes to be unexpected. With much hesitation, and doubt I chose to follow the sign. Somehow I found the courage to trust my intuition that this was a good choice. For a while, doubt stayed with me, but the direction my journey was taking me replaced doubt with tools. Tools that empowered me to be the traveler and not the lost wanderer. All I needed was a sign that changed the way I travel this life of mine.

Louis Mynhardt, English Teacher/Coach


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