1. This is a business you can do from home (or even on vacation as long as there's a way to be on the phone).

2. You will learn how to create a vision for your life - not just your business but your whole life. 

3. You will stop carrying your emotional baggage wherever you go. 

Fill out the form on the homepage and you will see what YOU University is all about.

4. You will experience more personal and spiritual growth than ever before. 

Look at the testimonials on the homepage and read the stories of the coaches.

5. You will be working FOR yourself but NOT by yourself. 

We are a group of coaches some of whom have worked together for 10 years.

6. The income opportunity in YOU University is phenomenal.  

Look at the FAQ's to read about it.

7. There is a very generous affiliate program for 4 additional online courses. 

Those courses also teach the same philosophy as YOU University does.

8. You will have tools for life for both you and your clients. 

There are 7 major tools in YOU University and LifeWorks has many more.

9. You only have to attract five clients to be completely successful - and we will help you do that. 

Statistically in the coaching industry to keep your practice filled with five clients, in a year you have to attract those five over three times as industry average says clients remain an average of 3.5 months.

10. You will learn how to coach a group.

There aren't that many coach trainings that offer actual coaching supervision - much less teach how to coach a group. You will be an expert.

11. You will receive a company email address when you reach Course Facilitator so that you look professional in your communications.

12.  You will be trained in the most up-to-date attraction marketing techniques.

13. Because we use a teleconference line to coach, you can really be almost anywhere to coach (and you can even be wearing pajamas and no one will know :) ).

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