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Coaching Curriculum

Let's Get Started
About the Head Coach
Expectations, Requirements and Help - Practical Items
What do you remember?

Finding Balance 
Your Niche
Your Story and Your Niche
Changing Your Mindset
How to Create Your Facebook Business Page
Going Live
Editing Captions
Qualities of an Entrepreneur Article Writing for Promoting Yourself
How to Market Simply
Blocks to Success
Facebook Strategy
Beginning with a Client - Part 1
Transformational Effects of Emotion-Based Coaching
How to Begin
Beginning with a Client - Part 2
The First Call
Pretend You Have a Client
Working with Clients - Part 1
Comment on Client Potential Perspective Tool
Working with Clients - Part 2
What do Do When the Call Is Flat When a Client Is Impatient for Change
Working with Clients - Part 3
Don't Take It On
What makes someone coachable?
Working with Clients - Part 4
Anger Process
Teach Love Letters Early
Being a Coach
What are your strengths and where are you courageous?
What needs improvement?
Being Coached
Changing Your Mindset
Blocks and Fears

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