A Brief History of YOU University

I’m a great believer in life happening just exactly when it’s supposed to. (Not that I always remember that but that’s one of the challenges of being human.) I am also not a lover of working alone or in a vacuum.

Seemingly out of the ethers in 2009 came a group of amazing women who have not only been trained by me but have brought their varying talents to help create YOU University Coaching into a viable internet coaching and training business. They used their multifaceted gifts to partner with me in the same way my life partner has done in the past. Oh. I forgot to say that this miracle of synchronicity and connectedness has brought us together from all over the globe – Florida, Washington, N. and S. California, Oregon and Australia. While others decry the separation that the technological world creates, our experience was exactly the opposite. We may never have sat altogether in the same room but we were truly a team.

Then life, which has a way of happening, happened to me. In 2014 my husband became ill and subsequently died in August of 2015. On top of all the other traumas of my life, it was not easy for me to live without him and without the beautiful relationship of mutual support and love that we had created.

But now it is 2019 and I am much, much better and back in business. Working with me at this time Savina Cavallo, Senior Emotion-Based Coach. 


Before you make your decision about becoming a YOU University Coach, there are two pre-requisites that I want you to know about. The first one has to do with being willing to hold the attitude that you created everything about your life. No victim of anything. Somehow, somewhere, you created it all. You don't have to totally believe it. You just have to be willing to work from that assumption. The other requirement is that you have to be willing to deal with the emotional issues of your past by doing some very specific work that involves writing a kind of letter which includes five levels of emotion. 

Transformational Benefits

  • 9 highly Effective tools that can be utilized right away and throughout your life.
  • Personal stories that are applicable to the lesson or tool being learned.
  • Assignments that can be saved by you and can be used to reflect back on later down the road.
  • You will stop carrying your emotional baggage wherever you go. 
  • You will experience more personal and spiritual growth than ever before. 
  • You will have tools for life.
  • You will be able to assign meaning and purpose to the situations in your life.
  • You become victim-proof in all situations.
  • You become victim-proof in relationships.
  • You will gain objectivity in assessing your own behavior.

Benefits for Coaches

  • All of the above plus:
  • Experience your own transformation and coaching while being trained.
  •  This is a business you can do from home (or even on vacation as long as there's a way to be on the phone).
  • A personal development program for your clients and you to follow always allowing for your interpretation and intuition.
  • The income opportunity in YOU University is phenomenal.
  • There is a very generous affiliate program for additional online courses.
  • You only have to attract five clients to be completely successful - and we will help you do that.
  • You will learn how to coach a group.
  • You will be trained in the most up-to-date attraction marketing techniques.
  • Because we use a teleconference line to coach, you can really be almost anywhere to coach (and you can even be wearing pajamas and no one will know).
  • You will be working FOR yourself but NOT by yourself.
  • Learn how to recognize and follow your intuition with clients
  • Certification Certificate
  • Articles and videos of yours will be added to the site.
  • You will learn how to create a vision for your life - not just your business but your whole life. 



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