Overcame Anxiety and Fear

What Was It Like Before YOU University? 

Before, I was very confused.  And very afraid of looking at my feelings and what was actually underneath the surface of myself.  Very scared.  It felt unsafe to look within. But, I did want to heal, and I did want to access those dark parts of me….I didn’t know how.  I was very anxious and afraid…I was already on a spiritual path, practicing certain disciplines, and I knew about certain tools to know myself better.  So, what made the difference?

What Happened and Worked for Me? 

First of all, the support from my mentor, Maia, was constant, wise, non-judgmental, and allowing.  When I say allowing, having her walk this scary path within with me allowed me to look at my own feelings.  I was carrying a long-held shame that I kept hidden from others in fear of being judged or rejected. Doing the work and all the assignments were cathartic for me and I experienced so much release and healing.  Being able to understand that I did my best in each moment of my life freed me of that self-judgment I carried around for such a long time.  The tools YOU University teaches are constantly used and applied during the whole program, becoming second nature because of it.  The tools: seeing that life is a school changed my whole perception of myself, my experiences and life. Learning to find the gift and being grateful for those experiences gave them value. Most of all, having a friend in-deed, I felt supported, carried through the whole process, reaching the other side of the tunnel lighter, brighter, happier.

What It’s Like Now 

Now, I have these wonderful tools that I use in my life today, every day.  They work.  Maia’s support and care did not end with the completion of the program.  It’s on-going, on learning, and I have gained a mentor, a friend, and a community of other fellow coaches whom I can depend on and also support. Onward it’s about bringing this knowledge to others so they too can experience self-love, self-discovery and forgiveness.

Savina Cavallo, Ministerial Counselor, Emotion-Based Senior Coach, Ft. Lauderdale FL [email protected]  305-968-0443


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