I believe in my heart that we can live in a world of peace.

I've learned that that does not mean a world of perfection. It does mean a world where all feelings are honored and all people take responsibility for their own feelings.

My students and I perform daily acts of spiritual courage by appropriate expression with full responsibility taken for those emotions ultimately leading to peace in our hearts, in our families, in our communities, in our countries and on this planet.

Each human being is unique. No two people are exactly alike and so after years of the evolving awareness of what that means, after years of not being able to put a finger on why sometimes programs worked and sometimes they didn’t, YOU University helps you uncover that individual distinctiveness in order to create a happy and more fulfilling life and relationships based on your own, one-of-a-kind, authenticity.

Unwittingly, in order to be efficient and marketable, most personal development programs start out with the premise underlying their creation, “Everyone is alike. If we can make this change and get this result, so can you.” YOU University is different. It is based on the knowledge that each human being is unique.

We have all been subtly influenced by the “sameness” paradigm which employs some fictional measurement of “what we’re supposed to be like”. Look at any fashion magazine. We are supposed to look like the models look. But not only do we all look different, we even have our own distinctive biochemistry and we all have one of a kind talents and gifts and ways of being that make up who we are.

YOU University, with its emphasis on uncovering who you were uniquely meant to be before all the influences of life had their way with you, has an assurance attached to it: If you submerge yourself in what you learn, you will have the tools and have gained the awareness of when and how to use those tools in order to create the unique, individual life you want.

I support you to take yourself and your need to be yourself and find yourself very seriously.



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