UPDATE October 2017:

Grief does not let one decide it's path. And wow! have I had a crazy and often terrifying journey. I am grateful to report that although I would have loved to market myself when my 15 minutes of fame occurred, that was not to be. I have only fairly recently been able to return to work. I am very grateful that I apparently have landed and my grandchild living with me, the love and support of friends and family have helped me back into the world again. I am grateful.

UPDATE August 2018

I'm healthier and in better shape every day. I finally am putting the finishing touches on YOU University Coaching training and I have finally figured out how all can create abundance while training and after.

UPDATE May 2019

My granddaughter is 2 1/2, it's almost four years since Bart is gone which seems unbelievable but I am pretty much myself again. In January I started coaching people through YOU University. Savina Cavallo is Senior Emotion-Based Coach and is an amazing friend and support and life goes on.


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