In Acceptance of Self – Body Flaws and All

I knew about the program because my mom (Savina Cavallo) is an Emotion-Based Coach and she talks wonders about it. At the time I was in a weird place in my life, was having problems in my marriage, had no job, no hobby, felt frustrated and bored, so I decided to invest my time studying and become a Life Coach.

The initial idea was to become a Life Coach and make a living out of it. I did not know I was going to get in touch with my deepest fears, insecurities and my real hidden self. I was hurting so much back then that I had a huge wall up, which made me believe I was ok; I thought that after all the work I had done for myself over the years, this was only something else I was doing to become a better person and on top of that a Life Coach. But I was completely clueless with all the stuff unresolved that started coming out. The tools, the assignments, the support given to me, the material to read, the community and the wisdom from my coach made this journey doable, achievable and fun. It was not easy at all, when ever there was frustration or resistance having all of the above on my side, made it happen for me.

What It’s Like Now

I have learned to accept myself even more. I perceive life as a school, I’m more aware of my surroundings, learning from everything that happens, accepting others without judging or criticism. I have become more patient and empathetic. I am more positive and energetic when facing adversity. I accept my body and my flaws and embrace them as a part of me. Whenever I’m hurting or stuck I know it is better to lay back and write about what I’m feeling instead of reacting and feeling guilt afterwards.

Deborah Sainz Emotion-Based Coach Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic [email protected] 


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