Overcame a "Crappy Dad"

YOU University has completely changed my life. When I started the program, I was a lost, lonely, and carrying around so much baggage from my past.

I had a crappy dad who made me feel rejected and it completely affected my confidence. I would think things like “If my own father didn’t love me, who will?” I was constantly wondering what my purpose was and I just *felt* like I was here to do more with life.

Having my young son really woke me up to what I was carrying around from my dad and I lived in fear that I would turn into him as a mom. I also had a lot of toxic friendships which made me feel even more disconnected and alone. With the support of my awesome husband and my son, I embarked on a journey through YOU University…

Though it wasn’t always easy and I had some painful moments, every bit of work that I did through YOU University was worth it. Now, I live my life unapologetically. I’m living a life full of passion and love. I am a much better mom and wife. I know who I am and I own it- that has increased my confidence from maybe a 3 on a 1-10 scale to a 10 most days and it never gets below a 9. How unbelievable is that?!

I now have the most amazing friends and I know my value. I’m a better mom and wife and life is just..happy. I left YOU University with all of the tools to handle the ups and downs of life and the support and guidance from other coaches to back it up. If you are serious about getting your life back, getting more confidence in yourself, improving your relationships, and living your life how you choose- YOU University is the way to go.

April Julson, Emotion-Based Coach, Mountainview, CA  [email protected] 415-696-6605


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