Overcame Having a Mentally Ill Mother

I had been the subject of physical, emotional and sexual abuse in my home life then went on to repeat this in my relationships with men, bar the sexual abuse. At age 40 enough was enough, I really did mean it this time. No more being treated like crap! I had managed to survive awful home life and relationships with men, but I realized I was not on this planet for people to treat me like dirt.

I had a kind of awakening, my spirit broke free. So, at age 40 I had counseling, but also found my own spirituality in Buddhism and grown really strong. The counseling, helped me to understand my past and heal some of my pain, but it did not give me all of the answers.

Over the years people have always come to me with their problems, despite my own problems I always seemed to be able to help and decided that I wanted to become a life coach. This led to a long search for a suitable course. I eventually found YOU University and saw that I also needed to be coached and go through the course before I became an Emotion-Based Coach.

Little did I know when I started, how much spiritual growth and personal development I would go through. The course talks about your Higher Power and your Human Design,  and whether you are lead by your instincts for example.

I have just completed the course and am itching to start coaching. My self-confidence shines through, I set my boundaries with people and don’t allow myself to be abused in any form anymore. My self-esteem has rocketed, I know I have value. If people don’t like me I don’t get upset by it, I realise it is their issue, not mine. I am able to find the gift even in difficult lessons in life.

YOU University has changed me beyond recognition into a strong, self-confident woman. I have absolutely loved going through YOU University. I am changed beyond all recognition. Gone is the person who did not complete what they started. The support you get whilst doing the course is second to none, lots of encouragement and no judgments on you as a person. Gone is the person playing the victim.

I have been taught and accept the part I played in situations throughout my life. My self-esteem has gone through the roof, I can achieve anything I want to. A new journey is starting for me, one where I have the tools learned in YOU University to remain my true self and be at peace. If you want to change as a person and have the life you’ve always dreamed of, DO THIS COURSE!

Rowena Campbell, Emotion-Based Coach, UK [email protected] +44 (0)7968800652


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