She Finally Stuck to Something - and Found Herself

I spent my life trying to figure out who I was and what I was supposed to be doing with my life. I was raised to believe that being married and having children was all I was good for. I had been instilled with some very limiting beliefs at a very young age.

I believe that when I incarnated I wanted to learn all my lessons now so I wouldn’t have to do them again. Because when I look at my life it has been nonstop drama and tragedy. But for the most part it’s been a journey of looking for “Me”. Who was I? And what was I supposed to be doing?

When I started my journey through YOU University I thought this was just another place to look for answers and become a Life Coach. I had no idea that it was the answer that I had been looking for. I have never been clearer as I am today about whom I am and why I’m here. I understand how everything that led up to this discovery will help me with the 2nd part of my life’s journey.

Before YOU University I would start new things with all the excitement and enthusiasm of a student in awe, but I would lose interest and go on to something else. I don’t think anyone took me serious when I started at YOU University. But it was different. And I finished it with a feeling of accomplishment and pride. There are no words to describe this part of the journey I have completed. When Maia told me I was on a “transformational journey of a lifetime” I had no idea just what that meant. My life will never be the same. The transformation I have gone through will give me the tools I need to complete the rest of my life’s journey.

I am not full of anger and hurt, having no self-esteem, or feeling unworthy and left behind. Besides healing from my emotional past and forgiving those that contributed to those feelings, I now can move into my purpose with confidence and high self-worth which is necessary in order to show others how to do the same and continue on their journey as their true self.

Maia (my coach and founder of YOU University) has been many things to me, my mom, my mentor, my friend and most of all my fairy godmother. I owe her so much. She has changed my life forever. Because of what I have learned from her, all of my life chaos now has a meaning and purpose.

If ever there was a place to heal your past and be the person you were born to be, it is YOU University that will do it for you. Your live will change in ways you cannot imagine. I have found love and acceptance, friends that will understand and encourage me, and most of all I found my REAL self. Something no therapist, ant depressives, or any other self-help program had done for me.

It was like finally finding the way home and being welcome with open arms when I get there.


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