Feeling Her Feelings - and Her Life Changed!

I wish I could say I was a total mess before going through YOU University and then I came out on the other side healthy, happy, and vibrant. My story is more complex than that.

I had a neat little life when I was looking to train as a life coach. I had a beautiful wedding a few months prior and all the freedom my husband’s job afforded me to study life coaching.

When I started YOU University I learned how to feel my feelings, maybe for the first time ever. As I was learning tools for emotions, my little carefully constructed life fell apart. My marriage ended, and I suffered painful losses of loved ones and finances. I put myself on hold to get through the trauma.

Once I was on the other side, I got back into my studies with deeper and more profound experiences from which I learned solid lessons.

Now, at age 30, I understand that I’m not going to just arrive at a magical place called Happiness. But now I have tools, backed by experience for managing my feelings when life inevitably happens. To learn more about me and the work I do as a coach, please contact me. 

Juli Lynn, Syracuse NY [email protected]


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