She Pretty Much Slept Through Her Life

Let's see, Teri before YOU University…that’s a scary thought now! I was emotionally numb, I was severely depressed, I was overmedicating myself with prescription medications to cope with my unhappy existence and I had completely lost interest in everything. I truly felt hopeless about ever living a happy life. I would not face up to my problems, instead, I would avoid and run away which only compounded my problems even more! I didn’t get along with my daughters or my mother and didn’t even speak to my dad! I was a total victim who felt sorry for herself!!

When I first found YOU University, I was both excited and skeptical. You see, I knew my record for having starting things and never finishing them. I would start out strong but, once I would get to the personal stuff, the real work; I would disappear finding all of these reasons why I couldn’t finish what I started. So to say I was a bit apprehensive would be an understatement! My feelings soon changed not only about completing the program but about everything!! For the first time in a very long time, I began to feel there was hope after all!! Just the way that I connected with Maia, the Life Coaches and the other students almost instantaneously, it was the type of connection and strong support that I had yearned for and not gotten with the numerous other programs I had tried and quit. Everyone made me feel so safe and with no fear of being judged by any of them!! I knew for once that I could be honest and open with these women and not have to wonder if they were going to feel differently about me once I shared with them. I cannot tell you how much that meant to me!! As time progressed, I continued through the program and did the work. I won’t tell you that I didn’t have any resistance to doing the work because I did!

However, Maia and the others helped me to work through and overcome it…every time! I was surprised myself by how, week after week I kept coming back! Even though I wanted to change, my life around me was still very turbulent and filled with drama. I shared everything with Maia and my new found friends and they were always there to support me and help me help myself. I began to experience many transformations within myself and with each one, I felt happier and lighter. It’s as if with each transformation, I would shed more and more of the emotional baggage I had been carrying around for years!!!! This was a blessing for me and was noticeable by everyone in YOU University and those who knew me personally.

The Teri I am now having graduated YOU University is a completely changed person!! I am no longer emotionally numb or depressed and I have not only got my interest back in the things that I love but have found many new interests as well. I no longer over medicate myself and have started working towards becoming as healthy as I can be. I address any and all issues/problems head-on, no more avoiding for me! Some of the most profound changes that have taken place are with my relationships. Starting with myself, I love and like myself now and for me, this is beyond huge!! I had always hated myself and couldn’t stand the person that I was. My relationships with my daughters and my mother have completely turned around.

I learned to create healthy boundaries and stick to them! I learned to say “NO” more often. I learned how to talk with all of them and not “AT” them, as well as how to truly “Listen” to them. We actually have such amazing communication between us now, which was never the case before! I even made amends with my dad and we are now talking again!! We went years without talking at all! I truly enjoy my life now, I appreciate the simple things in life and have learned to just “BE” in the present. I no longer rush through life, wish for the future or dwell on the past. I no longer am in the “Victim role” anymore, which is awesome! I live my life on purpose, I know that I create my reality and if I don’t like something - I can change it!! I am a happy, loved/loving, confident and empowered woman these days and it feels beautiful!!!! I live with an attitude of gratitude and mean it! I use the tools I learned when I need to and my Friends In Deed are always there for me still. I have finally stepped out of my comfort zone so that I could experience forward movement in my life and I have never looked back!!!!

Teri Henderson, Emotion-Based Coach, Flint MI
[email protected]  (810)308-4703


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