YOU University Gave Her the Tools

The right time to coach someone is not determined by age, the right moment is when this person is looking for answers. I started my own process at 19 years old, I was tired of being unhappy and tired of having so many negative thoughts in my head. In that time my biggest pain was not having a loving and supporting mother. Later on, relationships were putting more negativity in my life and I needed a clean up. YOU University gave me the tools to make a “spring cleaning”and I am able to do it anytime I want or anytime I get some new crap, because now I know how take care of myself.  

My purpose is to help you live a fabulous life. To empower you to find your strengths as I did through YOU University. To coach you into achieving the results you deserve in your life. My job is to guide you through this journey of leaving your past experiences and heal into your fabulous soul.  

With the advantage of the Internet, you can be anywhere in the world and still be able to get the awesome benefits of being coached. Weekly calls support your growth while you are going through YOU University, this system has helped a lot of people, including me.

Jannelle Torruco Las Vegas NV  [email protected] 


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